Wideco wants to take responsibility in the way we as a company affect the world around us and stribe to take sustainable decisions in our daily operation. Some chose to call this quest CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We choose to call it WiCare Challenge, just because we care.


The term sustainability can be interpreted in many different ways. We have choosen four diffrent perspectives relavant to our operation for this project that combine profitability, with environmental- and social aspects. From this we have formed four specific challenges for sustainable business.

Costumers – We contribute to our costumers success by creating solutions for a future sustainability society

We stribe to build long-term realtionships with our costumers. We put up high goals for the outcome of our costumers satisfaction surveys and wants to exceed them. In these evaluations we get high grades in the way we understand our costumers operation. That we offers them solutions well-adapted to their needs, as well as high quality in our services as well as delivered product. 2014 Wideco acquired an ISO certification for 9001.

Environmental concerns – our concern

Widecos most important contribution to sustainable development are the technical and innovative solutions we create for our costumers. An important environmental aspect in our daily operation is also to create a sustainable life cycle for our products. Already from the construction- and developing process, to production, maintenance and further into the dismantling and waste recycling -process. Wideco aquired cerification for ISO 14001 in 2014.

Socialy- through taking a social responsibility

Our companys ability to meet our costumers needs is not our only important mission.
We support specific projects in several charity organisation such as Vattenlöftet (The Water promise) – UNICEF, UNHCR Refugee program, Barncancerfonden (The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation). Beside these projects Wideco also supports local initiatives connected to social responsibility. We have appointed two in-house ambassadors with a mission to inform and involve all co-workers in the WiCare Project throught social media, lectures, education and other information activities.

All members of the Wifamily stribe to keep good relationships to each other and to our business partners, costumers, stock-holders and to the surrounding World.  Our social responsibility also includes that every member of the Wideco team acts in a responsible way in line with our code of conduct.

Coworkers- trough growing a enjoyable Corporate culture for our coworkers

We are very proud that our coworkers likes working at Wideco. They feel well-respected by the management, by colleagues and are appreciated as Widecos biggest asset. They value our work environment characterized by openness, fairness and professionalism. All employees are unique and have different experiences and qualifications. By seeing our employees’ diversity as an asset that provides new perspectives and ideas and take this into account when recruiting and in employee development, we create diversity at Wideco.