Core Values

Our core values reflect what we believe and stand for. They should be of value to our customers and capable of being communicated. To our competitors, they will also be unique, but hard to imitate. These core values will form the basis for all product development and marketing from now on.

Curious to discover
We will detect the opportunities
At Wideco, we think before we act. We must always plan and study each problem from every angle, and then act upon the conclusions. This is the capability of forward-thinking that stimulates innovation of all kinds, and which shows the way to successful solutions for our customers.

To anticipate customers’ problems and convert them to possibilities is part of our culture.


Devoted to perfection
We will make good solutions better
Innovation means ingenuity and renewal. Organised creativity permeates the whole company. Everything that we develop is based on customer need. By making an accurate of customer situations, we can always be sure that we have total technical precision in our products. In combination with firmly-rooted competence and keen workers, Wideco offers a world-leading trademark for the future in effective humidity-monitoring and sealing systems.


Easy to work with
We will deliver beyond expectations
Once we have seen the possibilities of the market, carried out internal surveys, and developed a watertight overall concept with precision, we can help our customers rapidly. We always work closely with customers and design solutions so that they can prevent, detect, and fix leakage problems in their piping systems. We promise optimum operational security and money saving, which creates immediate customer benefit.