Quality and environmental policy

Wideco continuously work to improve our products and service quality. We continue to evolve environmental, health and safety issues and to meet the demands of our customers and the outside world. KMA (Quality, Environment, Occupational) is integrated throughout the organization to provide correct quality to our customers. Also to ensure that our operations have a reduced environmental impact and our employees a safe working environment. In other words; we want to leave a lasting impression but minimize our ecological footprint.



Wideco Sweden AB set high standards for suppliers and subcontractors. We cooperate with those players that can satisfy our costumers requirements the very best in each individual project. In order to improve our business , we have focused on four areas with measurable goals:

More satisfied customers
Increased efficiency and ingenuity
Reduced environment impact
The best and healthiest employees of the industry

Quality »

We continuously work to improve the quality of our products and services:
By incorporated an integrated management system for quality, environment and safety ( KMA ). We are responsive to customers and employees and try to meet their needs, requirements and expectations. We do performance reviews every year and have a live action management for deviation handling.

Environment »

By planning the acquisition, production, transportation and storage , we can supply high quality and keep our environmental impact at a low level . Here are a few of our environmental guidelines for 2014. Wideco Sweden AB strives to have as little negative environmental impact as possible and to avoid pollution.  We propose energy-efficient solutions and choose environmental adapted materials and products that is easy to recycle. We try to have an efficient waste management with optimal source separation and comply laws and requirements concerning the environment.

In September 2014 Wideco Sweden AB certified for ISO 9001- quality management system and ISO 14001, environmental management. Receiving these certifications are very important steps for us as a company. Working according to these systems is a significant brick in future projects and a condition for market expansion and to evolve together with our partners.