MultiDetect keeps track of the Museum


“Under no circumstances water is allowed to enter in to the museum premises,” said Hans Sandberg at Siemens Building Technologies and refers to the requirements of the Västmanland County Museum for systems for heating, cooling, hot water and cold water. “If leakage occurs at any pipe line we have to quickly get alert in order to take relevant measures to minimize the damage,” says Hans Sandberg further and point at  Widecos alarm detector that is mounted next to Siemens large cabinets for control and regulation.

The museum building has many pipelines transporting media for, among other things, heating, cooling, hot water and cold water. The system is included in the building automation system and monitor for indoor air quality, energy efficiency, performance optimization and more. The pipe system is not always visible and a small leak could therefore go on undetected for a long time and cause extensive damage and costly downtime.

Siemens chose to install Widecos moisture alarm bands MultiDetect that was placed in the bottom of the tube outside the insulation but under the jacket. This provides an effective solution for early leakage indication that is also aesthetically pleasant.


Alarm loops with MultiDetect are connected to a WiDetect X1L detector, which can monitor 4 x 3500 meters pipeline. Alarm signaling is done with light, sound, or directly to the process control panel.