Alarm Technician

Capable colleagues create the conditions used by the company, but are also available to customers. Our alarm technicians help you get control.  Please contact us today so that we can tell you more about what we can offer you. 






Have you problems with acute leakage or other faults in your piping system? Don’t worry, we’ll sort them out!

 Our Alarm Technicians can help you with:

 • Status control of your district heating or cooling network
• Installation of monitoring equipment
• Survey of alarm drawings
• Measurements of fault locations
• Fault tracing, licence checks and analysis (see: Wideco Total Concept)
• Thermography
• Checks with XPortable measurement case


Measurement Technician:
Peter Boman
Martin Kristenssen

Sales contact
Karl-Johan Wirfalk
+46 (0)33 – 23 99 42