Wideco Total Concept

Our overall concept, Wideco Total Concept, allows us to help you to get full control over your pipe network. Our overall solution consists of several different stages in order to secure your network.




We make our extensive knowledge available, and, together with the customer and under actual conditions, we investigate how the piping and alarm loops are arranged, so that they can be monitored and measured smoothly and efficiently. In many cases, field work is needed in which we get together with the customer to measure and create the best measurement conditions.

After an inventory has been drawn up, creation of good measurement conditions is one of the basic pillars of the whole concept where we deliver solid documentation in the form of alarm drawings and measurement records.


Installation / Monitoring
When the first step has been carried out, we then propose how the actual network can be monitored with the various measurement methods available, and what measurement equipment will be recommended. Also other safety solutions in the form of sealing of chambers or concrete walls is discussed.

In many cases, analysis of measurement data can require a great deal of knowledge, which is why we also offer the possibility of undertaking a total monitoring with associated analysis.


Project Managers:
Michael Östberg, Karl-Johan Wirfalk

+46 (0)33 – 101810