Wideco in multi-million contract with Chinese distributor

Wideco has mainly been active in Europe and the Middle East, but has now signed a 3-year multi-million contract with Chinese distributor Xing Bang Pipeline Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tangshan, outside Beijing.

By rapidly detecting district heat leakage in pipelines and rooms, the country’s accident statistics will decrease and the 3-year contract is expected to be the beginning of even deeper cooperation in the future.

Together with the Swedish company Business Sweden, we have met several potential partners before mutual interest arose with distributor Xing Bang.

“Unfortunately, today there are many accidents in China that are connected to their district heating system. Here, Wideco goes in to raise quality and security with good conditions to change the statistics thanks to our unique system: Finding leaks before they become a potential hazard, says CEO, Karl-Johan Wirfalk.

Business with huge growth potential

The collaboration begins with Wideco training Xing Bang in the WiDetect alarm system. Then we will focuses a start on district heating lines and heating manholes underground, while the potential for continued growth and development is enormous.

“The agreement is amazing from more aspects than the one given, that we invest more in our systems for wireless monitoring of different sensors and applications. The deal enables us to grow strongly internationally and recruit more competent colleagues to our team – and we also put our city Borås on the map in a new market, “said Karl-Johan Wirfalk, CEO of Wideco.

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