WiDetect XPM ™ is a brand new wireless measurement system that makes it easy for you as an operator to accurately measure the various types of alarm wire system during field work, follow up the guarantees and secure the system against malfunctions. The system gives you full control over your measurements and analyzes in the field and also a safer working environment.


XPM™ will find the leak

XPM ™ can be used in all types of environments and across almost all types of measuring wires such as the Nordic system, 3dc sensor cable, W3 sensor cable, multizone sensor cable, moisture tapes etc.

Synchronization to WDO

A hosting account on our servers WDO includes for free in the XPM system. This allows you to synchronize all the data on your account at the WDO. It also provides you with a secure system backup and the ability to efficiently analyzes when you are in the office.

Maximum precision

With the new XPM, you have a tool that is compatible with our entire WiDetect monitoring systems. This means that you can measure locally with superior precision on long lines, but you can also remotely control XPM via your WiDetect Online account.


XPM can handle all challengers


The system consists of one unit for connection to the alarm wires in a simple way. The software XTool XPM is specially designed for touch screen and runs on a rain, dust and shock resistant powerful touchscreen computer. XPM ™ also has GPS for efficient site identification and WiFi for fast and wireless connectivity between the touchscreen and measurement unit. A simple and easy way when you want to measure, analyze and reflect in the car instead of on the spot where the measuring unit is connected.


Unique new TDR

The Pulse echo meter (TDR) in WiDetect XPM ™ is a newly developed and equipped with the latest technology. In addition, XPM ™ has a very high accuracy over a long distance, we have optimized the system for measurements on very short distance as well. In XTool XPM software you can easy change the pulse velocity, type of pulse, gain, measurement distance and amplitude.


The advantage

As a complement to our other units the XPM is perfect. With XPM, you can make quick and accurate locations of points of failure, document and analyze your grids, maintenance planning, reduce the losses of the media water and raising your organization’s measuring competence.

  • Effective maintenance work
  • Newly developed unique TDR
  • Wireless technology between the touchscreen and measurement unit
  • Superior precision
  • Giving you exact locations of leaks and defects
  • Analysis tools directly in touch screen computer
  • Save and add measuring sites, on-site measurements
  • Add graph markers directly in the field
  • Share measurements with other operators
  • For tough conditions

”We are detectives on a mission to detect your leaks”