Detector panels

WiDetect® is a unique monitoring system developed on the basis of more than 30 years experience of various district heating systems, and consists of alarm units that cover all your needs. The system is also adaptable to maintain system such as chamber monitoring via SCADA, monitoring of other types of insulated pipes, district cooling pipes, water pipelines and so on.


WiDetect X3

WiDetect X3 is designed to monitor, detect and locate faults on district cooling pipes where there are often condensation problems. 

WiDetect A1e

WiDetect A1e is an advanced monitoring unit for recording humidity, temperatures, water levels, etc, in district heating chambers and water and sewerage systems, as well as for detection of humidity in insulated pipework.


WiDetect Cable 3dc

Our patented alarm cable WiDetect Cable 3dc, is intended to be used for insulated district cooling pipes with steel or plastic service pipe. The monitoring unit WiDetect X3 together with 3dc is a powerful tool for monitoring district cooling pipelines.

MultiZone M3

WiDetect MultiZone is a comprehensive monitoring system which consists of intelligent detectors, proven software and a highly sensitive sensor cable developed to detect and locate harmful leaks with high accuracy in IT rooms, archives, industrial plants or in other sensitive areas before harmful leaks cause costly damage and down time of systems.

WiDetect X1e

WiDetect X1e is an advanced monitoring unit for wireless monitoring and fault detection on insulated pipework. WiDetect X1e issues alarms for humidity, broken cables and short-circuits, and issues alarms acoustically and visually.

WiDetect X1L

WiDetect X1L is a completely new and modern monitoring unit for wireless monitoring and fault detection on insulated pipework. WiDetect X1L issues alarms for humidity, broken cables, and short-circuits, and alarms are issued acoustically and visually.

WiDetect X3s

WiDetect X3s is designed to monitor and detect faults on shorter lengths of flexible pipe.  It uses an alarm cable 3d which is designed for this type of pipe.

WiDetect X4

WiDetect X4 is one our most advanced unit and the standard unit when monitoring long district heating transmission pipelines. In addition to the functions of X2, it also has an integrated high-performance TDR (pulse-echo meter). 

WiDetect X5

High-performance measurement unit for automatic monitoring of sort insulated pipes with oil-based fluids. WiDetect X5 has our latest TDR module, which was specially developed to optimise detection of oil-based fluids, and can also detect water leaking from pipes.