MultiZone M3

WiDetect MultiZone is a comprehensive monitoring system which consists of intelligent detectors, proven software and a highly sensitive sensor cable developed to detect and locate harmful leaks with high accuracy in IT rooms, archives, industrial plants or in other sensitive areas before harmful leaks cause costly damage and down time of systems.


More than just leak detection

Apart from getting an indication on leakage you can also gather environmental data such as temperature, liquid levels or humidity to mention a few. Data you can easily access using our App for smartphones, WDO Connect.

Easy and quick access to information

Our detectors are equipped with 3G modems which make communication with our cloud service WiDetect Online and application XTool fast and secure. WiDetect Online include services for email and SMS messaging which means maintenance staff will get a notification if something out of the ordinary has happened.

To solve the mystery

MultiZone is the detective that monitors sensitive areas such as IT-rooms, control rooms, museums, basements or a specific appliance. The QuickConnect sensor cable can be mounted on pipes for fire extinguishers, cooling media liquids as well as on waste and fresh water pipes.


Designed for immediate detection ans high accuracy


Acquired data can easily be analysed using our XTool software. Mathematic formulas can be added and applied so that for example differential temperature or differential pressure can be calculated.

Data acquisition

A number of active or passive sensors can be connected to our detectors in order to obtain different kinds of data. Events can be associated with alarm levels and different alarm actions so that the right person will get a notification in case values fluctuate out of the ordinary.


MultiZone is developed for easy installation, handling and use. The sensor cable for leak detection is delivered in a number of different lengths which are easily connected with snap-in contacts.

  • Clever design, easy to handle in ready-made lengths
  • Immediate detection
  • Quick Connect- easy to connect cable
  • Comprehensive system
  • High accuracy localization < 1 m (X3s)
  • SMS and email alerts with WiDetect Online solutions

”Data you can easily access using our App for smartphones, WDO Connect.”