WiDetect Cable 3dc

Our patented alarm cable WiDetect Cable 3dc, is intended to be used for insulated district cooling pipes with steel or plastic service pipe. The monitoring unit WiDetect X3 together with 3dc is a powerful tool for monitoring district cooling pipelines.



WiDetect Cable 3dc, is intended to be used for district cooling piping with steel or plastic service pipe. The cable’s unique design avoids problems with condensation moisture between the wire / wire and carrier pipe along the pipe lengths, but especially on the pipes and pipe sections and in other parts of joints.


The exact parallel wire pairs provides the same impedance along the entire length of the cable, which facilitates detecting and localisations of even minor faults.


Assembling of the different cable segments shall be done with assistance of un-insulated joint terminals and pressure tools according to conventional technology. This joint technology is surely tested and gives each joint very low serial resistance. Each joint is after assembling sealed with a crimp sleeve.



At the production of district cooling pipes and fittings the WiDetect 3dc cable is assembled directly close to the media pipe. Also in field joints the cable shall be located directly against the media pipe. We recommend to read the 3dc user manual before mounting starts.


The special design of the cable permits that impedance changes from wet insulation, of certain size can be detected, although the cable is insulated along the whole cable length.
Max measuring length with X3 is 3000 meter.


The outer conductors (red / red) form a loop and the water measurement is done against the middle conductor (black). Connecting of cables in a T- branch. This item is prefabricated. Cable length: main pipe 2 x 2 m,  branch pipe 3 m.

  • Minimizes condense problems in pipes and fittings
  • Fast installation in the production stage
  • More than 170.000 m delivered
  • Can be used to both steel – and plastic pipes
  • Easy to assemble and connect in the field
  • Constant distances between wires in the cable
  • Facilitates fault detection in fields

”We are detectives on a mission to secure your leaks”