WiDetect X1e

WiDetect X1e is an advanced monitoring unit for wireless monitoring and fault detection on insulated pipework. WiDetect X1e issues alarms for humidity, broken cables and short-circuits, and issues alarms acoustically and visually.


Build for simplicity

Every minuteWiDetect® measures the status of your pipework, detecting and locating any faults in your district heating or cooling system. RedDetect® is simple to install, use, and maintain.

Perfect for your company

The WiDetect® system is scalable and is one of the few on the market that can so simply and rapidly be modified if needs be. All units and software can be updated wirelessly.

The choice is yours

Focus on your core activities and leave the monitoring to the WiDetect system. 
Reliable and dependable.


WiDetect X1e monitors your district heating pipelines and your investment


WiDetect X1e is a modern measurement unit developed with the latest technology. All models have a built-in Ethernet interface (LAN module) and are supplied ready for this type of communication. 

Measuring values

WiDetect X1e enables four (2) separate alarm cable loops of 4×5000 m in total to be connected. The unit measures insulation resistance, loop resistance, and battery state.

 Sabotage protection is also available as an option.



WiDetect X1e comes in several different models with battery or mains power and with a modem for various types of communication.


    • Absolutely latest technology, weighs only 475g
    • Remote upgrading of firmware
    • Ethernet or wireless communication
    • Visual and optical alarms
    • Ethernet as standard



    ”Small drops can turn in to a cold shower. WiDetect them in no time”