WiDetect X3s

WiDetect X3s is designed to monitor and detect faults on shorter lengths of flexible pipe.  It uses an alarm cable 3d which is designed for this type of pipe.


Build for simplicity

Every minuteWiDetect® measures the status of your pipework, detecting and locating any faults in your district heating or cooling system. RedDetect® is simple to install, use, and maintain.

Perfect for your company

The WiDetect® system is scalable and is one of the few on the market that can so simply and rapidly be modified if needs be. All units and software can be updated wirelessly.

The choice is yours

Focus on your core activities and leave the monitoring to the WiDetect system.
Reliable and dependable.


WiDetect X3s monitors your district heating pipelines and your investment


WiDetect X3s measures pipe impedance continuously and compares incoming curves with the defined reference curves in the database. The XTool monitoring software issues an automatic alarm if a significant deviation from the reference curve is detected.


Measuring values

WiDetect X3s has two (2) connection boxes for linking WiDetect Cable 3dh (supply and return) and can check for faults on lengths up to 1,000 m of alarm cable per channel. Cable 3dh is intended to be used in flexible piping systems with steel or plastic pipes.



WiDetect X3s is supplied with a network connection as standard, LCD-display with menu system, internal memory, and a powerful integrated pulse-echo meter (TDR 2) with an accuracy of less than 1 m.


  • Built-in pulse-echo meter (TDR-module)
  • LAN-module
  • GPRS-module
  • LCD display
  • Measurement area resistance 1 KΩ – 50 MΩ
  • Built-in transformer
  • Radar curve retrieved automatically during alarms”We are detectives on a mission to secure your leaks”