XTool 4

The new fast, usable, and functional XTool 4 is the heart of the WiDetect system. With XTool 4, you have full control over your alarm units, documentation, measurement sites and measurement data.


Build for simplicity

Every minuteWiDetect® measures the status of your pipework, detecting and locating any faults in your district heating or cooling system. RedDetect® is simple to install, use, and maintain.

Perfect for your company

The WiDetect® system is scalable and is one of the few on the market that can so simply and rapidly be modified if needs be. All units and software can be updated wirelessly.

The choice is yours

Focus on your core activities and leave the monitoring to the WiDetect system. 
Reliable and dependable.


Xtool 4 is designed to handle thousands of devices

Full control

XTool 4 has been developed to handle thousands of units simultaneously. The system is optimised with functions that guarantee high operational safety. XTool 4 enables you to handle units, documentation, measurement values, analyses, measurement sites, reports, GPS positions, maps, images, markers, and much more.



With the built-in comparator function, XTool 4 makes it quick and easy to compare incoming pulse-echo meter curves with the defined comparison curve. In this way, small changes in the characteristic impedance of the piping can be detected in good time, so that any fault can be identified and located before it has caused much damage.



One of the strongest arguments for XTool 4 and WiDetect is the way it can be amended and adapted to suit the customer’s requirements. Flexibility in the solution that we have created means that we can create new solutions depending on business sector.


  • Comes in several different languages
  • Handles thousand of units
  • Alarm handling with SMS / E-mail
  • Documentation system
  • GPS positioning / Google Maps
  • Various views for presentation of dat
  • User-friendly
  • Operationally secure

”We are detectives on a mission to detect your leaks”