WiDetect® is a unique static and portable monitoring system that can detect most fluids such as water, chemical solutions, oil and water vapour, as well as locating fault sites.


Leaking pipes cost money. With WiDetect® you can find and locate the fault before it becomes large enough to cause damage to your investment, or the local environment, etc.  The WiDetect® system monitors your pipework every minute and issues a direct alarm if anything occurs. Which is why we call this a superfast monitoring system!

Using wireless technology such as GPRS or via a network, you can easily monitor all your pipes from your own operations centre, or allow Wideco to take care of monitoring via our hosting solution. This gives you reduced costs, a better chance to follow up guarantees, receive direct alarms, and also provides more efficient maintenance work.

 WiDetect® system is an advanced alarm system, but is also simple to use!