Humidity strip MultiDetect

WiDetect humidity alarm strip can be used for the detection of humidity and water in data floors, server room, storage premises as well as in district heating pipes, district cooling pipe and other areas where small quantities of water can cause a great deal of damage.


Build for simplicity

Every minuteWiDetect® measures the status of your pipework, detecting and locating any faults in your district heating or cooling system. RedDetect® is simple to install, use, and maintain.

Perfect for your company

The WiDetect® system is scalable and is one of the few on the market that can so simply and rapidly be modified if needs be. All units and software can be updated wirelessly.

The choice is yours

Focus on your core activities and leave the monitoring to the WiDetect system. 
Reliable and dependable.


Use the moisture-band monitoring for concrete culvert, server rooms, computer floor, etc..


WiDetect humidity alarm strip is knitted from textured polyester strands incorporating three parallel layers of uninsulated annealed solid copper wire. Each copper wire is interwoven in the textured polyester with its own colour for simple and safe location of left or right strands. 



In order to detect humidity or water in the alarm strip, the alarm wires are connected to one of our various models of monitoring unit ex the A1e unit.  Then the humidity alarm limit can be set within a wide area so that very small amounts of humidity can be detected at a high installed alarm limit

Use our moisture band for monitoring of your concrete culvert or Server room!
Contact us for information about how to mount and use. 


Depending on area of use, a number of different fitting methods are available. In general, the strip should be fitted so that humidity or water can easily reach the strip. The copper wires are completely woven into the strip but it is important that the strip is protected against sharp or metallic objects.



  • Efficient
  • Easy fit
  • Early detection
  • Multiple applications (data floor, server room etc)
  • Cost-effecti
  • Connects into pipes
  • Comes with tension tie and protective strip
  • Monitoring of concrete culvert

”Small drops can turn into a shower, WiDetect them in no time.”