XRond is a dynamic inspection system that consists of the XRond Manager portal and a mobile app. XRond makes it easy for you to collect information from any objects in the form of photos, text, audio, etc. for further central documentation, analysis and management.



Simplifies everything

Directly in XRond Manager, you can follow work in the field and get statistics on how far the various inspections have come, which objects require immediate action, etc. You can even create a work order directly in  XRond Manager, for example to manage the objects that have gained the status ‘requires immediate action’. This creates a very efficient working method.

XRond Manager

XRond Manager is the heart of the system. With an XRond subscription from Wideco, you automatically have an XRond user account for our Wideco Portal Manager set up. In XRond Manager, you can manage your inspections, set up users and groups and create question templates. You also enter the various objects to be inspected. When you have done this, you start an inspection round, assign it to a user or group and set a time frame for the work.

Benifits of XRond

The benifits of XRond are many.
Here is a few of them presented:

  • XRond Manager ensures fast startup and adaptation of inspections and object
  • Fast supervision and inspection in the field via the smartphone app.
  • A fully dynamic tool that allows you to create inspections on the basis of your specific conditions.
  • The map function provides a quick, solid overview of objects.
  • GPS positioning of objects.
  •  Real-time updates of XRond Manager/database.
  • Several users can use the XRond app for the same inspection tour at the same time.
  • Complete systems adapted for small, medium and large customers.
  • Work orders can be created directly from XRond Manager.

Launch of the system

XRond was launched in September 2014 and within shortly we will release a product site for the XRond system with more detailed  information about the system, prices, contact information etc.