WiDetect W3

Our patent pending sensor cable WiDetect Cable W3, is intended to be used for non-insulated pipes. The monitoring unit WiDetect X3 system is a powerful tool for leakage monitoring.


Complete system

WiDetect Water is a complete leak detection system with intelligent alarm devices, software and an effective sensor cable – W3 – developed for high-precision locating of leaks before costly damage occurs.

Optimal realiability

The system is designed for proactive monitoring of water around the clock and an alarm immediately if a leak occurs. The result is optimum reliability.


Several years of innovative development has now resulted in a patent-pending system for non-insulated pipes. The system has been named WiDetect Water. Now you no longer flying blind to find leaks in your water pipelines.


W3: The sensor cable which solves the problem

Sensor Cable W3

Sensor Cable W3 can be used on both pressure water (drinking water), sewer pipes and drainage pipes regardless of material, jointing method or dimension. The system can monitor the long pipelines from only one detection unit.


When the pipes are laid in trench, jointed and pressure-tested, the sensor cable W3 is mounted directly on the pipe surface and the sensor cable is “opened” at each joint. Over the opened wire you crimp a plastic band, which is internally provided with a layer of bitumen.

Monitoring / operating

When W3 sensor cable is installed, it’s time to install and commission the system. With our cloud service WiDetect Online (WDO), you can easily analyze the operational situation with the help of clear info graphs and additionally get a clear picture of the system’s operations, maintenance and support.

  • Can be used in pressure water pipes, sewers and drainage pipes.
  • Optimized sensor cable for operating in sensitive environments.
  • Long stretches of line can be monitored.
  • Localization of the leakage with high accuracy – and quickly.
  • Cost-effective monitoring.
  • Monitoring online and via mobile apps.
  • Uses the latest technology in surveillance and communication.

”The mystery of wicked leaks in uninsulated water pipelines is solved!”