The new fast, usable, and functional XTool 4 is the heart of the WiDetect system. With XTool 4 you have full control over your alarm units, documentation, measurement sites and measurement data.


With the XTool 4 OPC server installed, you can connect to your SCADA system and then let XTool 4 publish all parameters and values in XTool to XTool OPC Server. 

With your OPC-compatible SCADA system, you can then connect to XTool OPC Server and

Build up your process images with the information you want to present.

Remember that we recommend that in using our alarm units with integrated pulse-echo meters (X3,X4,X5) it is a requirement that XTool is used for collecting, processing, and analysis of these radar curves.

We now have several customers who use OPC connections and if you need help with this you can contact our support division.

XTool OPC Server is additional to your existing XTool 4 licence.