Water sealings

WiSecure water sealing is intended for various types of pipe used in district heating, water and sewerage, industry, etc. Several of the seals can handle high axial motion in combination with high external water pressure. The specially-developed profile of the rings for optimal sealing effect has undergone extensive testing by both Swedish and overseas testing institutes.



Standard couplings for pipe


WiSecure W804

Special sealing for water – permits axial movement

WiSecure® W804 is a hole seal intended for proofing against water in holes drilled in concrete walls and floors. This sealing avoids all concrete casting around the pipe afterwards. F804 permits movement of the pipe.

WiSecure W803

Special sealing for water - permits axial movement

WaterBarrier F803 is a repair seal intended for water sealing during repairs of previously cast-in pipes where leakage has occurred between pipe and concrete wall or floor.

WiSecure W802

Special seal for water and radon


WiSecure W801

Special seals for water and radon – permit axial movement

WiSecure® W801 is a special seal for water and radon for round pipe cast into concrete walls and floor. The unique profile design of the ring in combination with associated hose-clips provides effective sealing between pipe and concrete while at the same time permitting axial movement.