Standard couplings for pipe




FlexSeal standard couplings has many applications in laying, repair, and maintenance of low-pressure pipe systems.



FlexSeal are simple to fit and is designed for work at low pressure.



A combination of a sustainable design and outstanding properties ensure that FlexSeal as a standard coupling provides reliable sealing on uneven pipe surfaces such as concrete, and high-performance sealing on smooth surfaces such as PVC.




– Repair of existing pipe networks while changing shorter lengths
– Coupling of existing pipe networks using ready-made branch piping
– As a transition between pipes of different sizes and materials
– Connection of cut pipe lengths.


FlexSeal comes in several different variants and sizes.



Couplings are very flexible so that pipes of different external diameters can easily be joined. In the event that the external diameter is too great, one or more transition strips can be used.


  • Handles large sizes
  • Flexible
  • Easy fitting