WiSecure W802

Special seal for water and radon



Unique design

The unique profile of the ring, in combination with the associated hose clamps, provides effective sealing between pipe and concrete. W802 can be used with advantage where a pipe will not be subject to large axial movement. W802 is approved as a seal against radon.


Suits all pipe materials

WiSecure W802 is suitable for use all types of pipe material including plastics, steel, cast iron, concrete, etc, and should be fitted directly to the pipe so that it is cast together with it.



With properly implemented casting, WiSecure W802 can withstand a pressure of 0.4 bar (4 m water gauge).



W802 is for use as a water and radon seal for cast-in round pipes.


The seal should be fitted directly to the pipe so that it is cast together with it. If a concrete wall has to be pierced for later casting of a pipe or rubber ring, please see our product sheet for recommendation of hole size.


Test result

Seals in the F800-system have undergone function and sealing tests at several test centres with approved results. The Swedish Technical Research Institute (SP) has issued a statement on the seal’s capability of stopping radon. See our home page for the test report.



Sealing rings are manufactured in synthetic rubber (SBR/EPDM) with a hardness of 40° ± 5° IRHD. The material meets the requirements of European Standard EN 681-1. Hose clamps are supplied in AluZink as standard.

 Maximum continuous working temperature for input rubber material is +45 °C, although the rings can withstand a temperature of +95 °C for short periods.


  • Unique profile
  • Handles high water pressures
  • Diameters 16 – 2500 mm
  • High quality
  • Cost effective
  • Radon approved

”Leaks can drain your business. WiSecure your investment”