WiSecure W804

Special sealing for water – permits axial movement

WiSecure® W804 is a hole seal intended for proofing against water in holes drilled in concrete walls and floors. This sealing avoids all concrete casting around the pipe afterwards. F804 permits movement of the pipe.


Hole sealing

WiSecure® W804 is used in drilled holes and is designed to work easily at both high and low water pressure.  Also, W804 permits axial movements of cast-in pipes. 


Suits all pipe materials

W804 hole seal can be used for all types of pipe material, including plastics, steel, cast iron, concrete, etc, and permits large axial movement of pipes with smooth sides. However, the special profile of the rubber ring still provides effective sealing between pipe and concrete.


The choice is yours

WiSecure® seals have been on the market since the 80s. WiSecure® solution to your sealing problems and we can guarantee you will be satisfied.


W804 is intended as a water barrier for holes drilled in concrete walls and floors.


F803 seals are adjustable after installation and can be fitted from inside or outside the concrete wall. The special profile of the rubber rings provides effective sealing between pipe and concrete.



 A groove in the larger rubber ring is filled with grease in order to allow shaft movement in the seal, while at the same time preventing water ingress past the seal at any scratch on the pipe. The pressure of the collar makes the seal expand while the pressure against the surrounding concrete increases and grease is pressed out from the grease groove.




WiSecure® is manufactured in SBR rubber with a hardness of 40° ± 5° IRHD. The material meets the requirements of Swedish Standard SS 367611, German Standard DIN 4060. and other national standards for rubber sealing rings.  The clamping collar and crimping tool are supplied as standard in hot-galvanised steel.

  • Unique design
  • Handles high water pressures
  • Easy fitting 
  • Permits axial movement
  • For drilled holes
  • Cost effective

”Leaks can drain your business. WiSecure your investment”