WiSecure system includes several sealing variants intended for water and radon sealing of pipework during checks on concrete walls and floors.


WiSecure sealing is intended to be a water and radon barrier during casting of pipes in concrete walls and floors, and was developed by Arnold Wirfalk in the eighties.

The sealing is designed to be maintenance-free under both low and high water pressure, and part of the sealing also allows relative movement, so that axial motion of the cast-in pipe can take place.

The WiSecure system can be used for all types of pipe material, such as plastics, steel, cast-iron, concrete, etc, and permits large axial movement of pipes with smooth surfaces.

The special profile of the rubber rings ensure effective sealing between pipe and concrete.

Wideco’s strategy from now on is to be able to present several new types of sealing within the WiSecure product family, and our aim is to develop WiSecure to become a well-known global trademark in the  sealing sector.

 ‘Leaks can drain your business. WiSecure your pipelines’