Alingsås Energy is the network owner of the city network in Alingsås which is based on #lorawan radio communication.
With the help of Wideco’s IoT platform, sensors of all kinds can now be used by municipalities, companies and private individuals in the open city network.

Even before the summer, bathing temperatures, lifebuoy, door alarms in a power station, water level in Lillån and humidity monitoring in a district heating chamber were monitored as tests. The test turned out well and Alingsås Energi is now also supplementing with more gateways from our partner Netmore for even better radio coverage in the city.

The IoT Platform is now ready to connect additional sensors together with other actors in the city to collect measurement data, analyze, monitor and optimize customer value in all conceivable areas.

Fantastic fun that Alingsås Energy is launching our IoT platform and sees the opportunities and business benefits that our technology and IoT sensors can provide in the future.

Responsible Sales from Wideco is Magnus Gustafson and IT coordinator from Alingsås Energy is Robert Jansson. Please contact us for more information. #iot #iotsolutions #iotplatform #wideco #alingsås