Summer is easier with LTE-M/NB-IOT

Wideco in collaboration with Tele2 IoT is now presenting a bathing temperature buoy to measure water temperature at bathing sites. The temperature sensor uses LTE-M, this means that Wideco's bathing buoy also works in places where there is limited coverage of the otherwise standard LoRaWAN network. The sensor sends temperature data to Wideco's integration platform,

GPS trackers for LoRaWAN and LTE-M

Using a high weather sealed GPS tracker, you can always track what’s most important to you. Our GPS tracking sensors are always connected using LoRaWAN or LTE-M technology, with a super low power consumption. Together with our smart platform and web-based visualization system WISION, there have never been a more affordable way of tracking your

IoT soil condition monitoring sensor optimize agriculture through data!

With networks such as LoRaWan becoming more prevalent and together with Wideco's platform, we can now streamline and optimize irrigation and save both money and the environment. The sensor is placed in the planting to be monitored and our IoT platform monitors the moisture content of the soil and automatically alarms when it is time

Wideco is involved in launching Cetetherm Optimizer – energy optimization in smart properties

Wideco is collaborating with Cetetherm, Siemens, NODA and Crossbreed in the development of Cetetherm Optimizer, a new online service that enables energy optimization and monitoring of district heating in smart properties. Thanks to a unique combination of market-leading heating systems and an intelligent optimization tool, Cetetherm Optimizer reduces energy consumption in properties without affecting comfort

Wideco education – secure your investment

Wideco offers a wide range of courses that provide in-depth knowledge in all areas of our IoT driven monitoring solution concept. We also tailor training to your needs. One of our most sought-after educations in Sweden and internationally is in the wireless measuring system XPM. A system that makes it easy for you as an

Alingsås Energy signs IoT agreement with Wideco

Alingsås Energy is the network owner of the city network in Alingsås which is based on #lorawan radio communication. With the help of Wideco’s IoT platform, sensors of all kinds can now be used by municipalities, companies and private individuals in the open city network. Even before the summer, bathing temperatures, lifebuoy, door alarms in

Monitoring Remote Assets with IoT

Wideco has been monitoring district pipelines for decades. But when #IoT came along, it was a game-changer. Now, we are looking beyond pipes – because our IoT-enabled solution could be perfect for #SmartCities. Read Tele2 article and interview with Wideco CEO Karl-Johan Wirfalk about Monitoring Remote Assets with IoT.

Wideco signs agreement with Mölndal Energy

Wideco has signed a new agreement with Mölndal Energi which includes providing both products and other services – with focus on support and field control measurements. The agreement includes among other things, that our field technicians check alarm loops, perform troubleshooting, prepare alarm loops for installation of devices and also execute warranty measurements. Initially, the

Wideco launches comprehensive IoT solutions

As the IoT revolution is now a fact, Wideco offers IoT Driven Monitoring Solutions for Smart Buildings, Industries and Cities based on LoRaWAN technology. With our IoT solutions you can measure and monitor virtually anything – water levels, open door control, temperature, humidity vibrations, etc. – in a very user-friendly way. Our solution includes a cloud-based web

Wideco opens new office in France

In line with our global ambitions we now take a giant leap into the French market, establishing our first office and company in France – Wideco France SAS. This is the first time Wideco makes such an investment, as we have earlier always entered new markets together with local partners. Now we choose to invest

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