What different sensors can I measure with the WiDetect monitoring system?

The WiDetect A1 can measure a large number of different sensors. In steam holes we normally use high temperature sensors, e.g. flow level indicators and temperature sensors. These sensors handle extreme temperatures. Other sensors that can monitor dangerous gas, humidity, lid detection, medium temperature, temperature protection, capacitive level sensors, pressure sensors, etc. are available as

Is it possible to measure water on the data center floor as well as under machines?

Yes of course. You can use our MultiZone M3 sensor cable, which indicates water, on the floor. With our capacitive level sensor probes you can detect the presence of liquid between the floor and the sensor. Suitable for monitoring mechanical rooms etc.

Is it possible to use my mobile phone to check measurements and alarms?

Yes. Our IoT platform includes WiDetect WISION where you have total control over all your connected devices in your system. With WiDetect WISION, you can manage metrics, devices, alarms, schedules, and settings and use Google Maps to control the location of your devices.

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