If I do not have information about old alarm wire drawings, can I still monitor the older pipes?

Yes, by using our WiDetect XPM portable measuring device, we will provide you with a status report on your network with a recommended action plan before installing your alarm devices. We can also help you with updated CAD drawings of your alarm cables.

How do I know if there is a minor discrepancy in my network for a long time?

We recommend that you make a reference measurement with a device that can send a TDR pulse along the copper wire and then compare all of the following measurements with this reference measurement. In this way, even small changes and trends due to weather, season, etc. become visible and you can prevent problems when they

What type of documentation does Wideco offer?

All measurements from these devices are always saved in Wideco's host solution and are available to the client. Measurements made by our WiDetect XPM are also synchronized with the WiDetect host. XTool sends and receives data from other databases such as GIS systems, and combines all the information to give you a superior overview of

I suspect a problem along a pipe section, can you help me find where?

Yes, with our portable measuring device WiDetect XPM. TDR in XPM can detect errors up to 12,000 m (39,370 feet) alarm with less than one meter margin for error. This protects against unnecessary and expensive digging in the wrong place.

Can Wideco also help install the system and devices?

Absolutely, our technicians can guide your staff through the installation and teach them step by step how to set up the alarm units. Another option is - The Total Concept. We install and get everything started! If there is a need to run electrical wiring to operate the devices, we need the help of an

I do not have time to monitor the status of my pipes, how can Wideco help me?

We offer weekly status reports for your network, including current information and recommended action plans. This will help you get relevant information from our experienced technicians in a convenient way.

I recently took over as responsible for the pipe network and received very little information in the handover. Can Wideco help me get started?

We offer training in alarm theory; all our products and techniques are available to help with their expertise. Wideco's Total Concept helps you with inventory, create reference measurements, documentation, installation, monitoring and auditing.

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