Wi create user-friendly platforms that secure
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Wideco - IoT-plattform

Wideco´s goal is to make innovative technology systems that increase your company’s operational safety by measuring, localizing and preventing leaks in pipeline systems and confined spaces underground in good time. Today, when the IoT-revolution is a fact and industries and businesses are at the forefront of technology, we also offer IoT sensors for Smart Buildings, Industry and Cities based on LoRaWAN technology.

Our connected platforms make your job easy and the result is a more cost-effective operation and a safer environment.

“Wideco monitors more than 6,000 underground manholes in Europe”

Wideco - Lokalisera dina läckor

Locate your leaks

The WiDetect X6 Unit from Wideco is an advanced pulse echo meter that detects and localize faults on your pipeline with the highest accuracy currently available.

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Wideco - Hostingmiljö

Wideco Cloud

We offer a comprehensive hosting service, including hosting, vip technicians, surveillance and local installation, powered by a complete plug-and-play setup.

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Wideco - IoT-lösningar

IoT Solutions

Wideco offers a wide range of different LoRaWAN® IoT sensors. Start your project with us and start connecting your industry, city or buildings to optimize your business.

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WiDetect A1 System solves the problem with leaks in critical areas

Underground confined spaces such as chambers (manholes) require a reliable monitoring system in order to avoid expensive leaks and time-consuming fault tracing. Our A1 system is based on 2G/3G/4G wireless communication for the highest possible reliable operation.

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We are very proud of our customers and the projects we’re involved in,
and their references are important to us.

Wi simplify the way to a sustainable future

Wideco strives to make as little negative environmental impact as possible. We therefore advocate energy-efficient solutions and choose environmental-adapted, recyclable materials and products. In addition, we have an efficient waste management with optimal source separation and comply with laws and requirements concerning the environment.

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