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IoT sensors and solutions that take your project to the next level

Whether you want to improve the management of your pipelines, buildings, monitor your energy consumption’s, detect a tank or chamber water level, be alerted when a machine malfunction occurs,
we have the solution for you.

IoT sensors and solutions can be adapted to all your projects. Wideco is an expert in wireless devices using 2G/3G communication or LoRaWAN, private or public networks. The range of our IoT sensors below are available with LoRaWAN and offer you the solution best suited to your needs.

Wideco is a partner with several of the most experienced sensor manufacturers and LoRaWAN companies in Europe.

Wideco Analog/digital sensor

Analog/Digital sensor

ELT-2 can measure both analog and digital signals and can handle up to two external sensors simultaneously.
  • Analog / digital inputs
  • Two external sensors
  • Battery powered
  • IP67 box
  • Quality sensor for LoRaWAN from our partner Elsys
Wideco Analog sensor

Analog sensor

On battery or external power supply, connect your 0-10 V or 4-20 mA sensors
  • 2 inputs 0-10V or 4-20mA
  • Battery operated version and version with external power supply
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Compatible with WiDetect WISION
Wideco Fuktlarm

Water leak spot

Detect a water leak at a specific location
  • Event alert
  • Optimized radio performance
  • Ready to use solution
  • Battery-powered stand-alone product
  • Compatible with WiDetect WISION
Wideco Mätning CO2

Measurement of CO2

CO2, temperature and humidity sensor for monitoring indoor air quality.
  • Three sensors in one; CO2, Temp, RH
  • Event-based measurements
  • Measurement according to schedule
  • No calibration required
  • Quality sensor from Senseair
  • Battery powered
Wideco MultiZone fuktsensor

MultiZone water leak sensor

Detect a water leak on the ground, around an object or equipment
  • Event alert
  • Optimized radio performance
  • Ready to use solution
  • Battery-powered stand-alone product
  • Compatible with WiDetect WISION
Wideco No/Nc


Report 0-1 states and control relays
  • 4 configurable inputs/outputs
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Battery-powered stand-alone product
  • Available in packaged versions:Compatible with WiDetect WISION
Wideco Öppningskontroll

Open door

Monitor the inputs/outputs of a underground chamber or room.
  • Ready to use solution
  • Self powered
  • Transmission on events (Alert) or periodic (Counting)
  • Cable cut detection
  • Compatible with WiDetect WISION
Wideco Parkeringssensor

Parking sensor

Parkeringssensor för status och analys av nyttjandegraden på parkeringsplatser.
  • Real-time status (free / busy)
  • Measure the temperature on site
  • Measure the battery power
  • Statistics utilization rate
  • LoRaWAN
  • Quality sensor from our partner Libelium.
Wideco Signalstyrkemätare

Network tester

Qualify and validate your network
  • Immediate viewing of network coverage data (radio power and received signal strength)
  • Geolocation of measurement points
  • Dedicated Web application
  • Reference product highly praised by public network operators
Wideco Temperatur


Record temperatures: measure, track changes and alert if thresholds are exceeded
  • Ambient and remote temperature probes
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Data logging for optimal autonomy
  • Redundancy for better service continuity
  • Available in double external sensor version
  • Compatible with WiDetet WISION
Wideco Temperatursensor

Temperature sensor

PT1000, 2 meter cable, -50 to 105 ° C
Wideco Vätskesensor

Fluid sensor

Sensor/probe for oil and water, capacitive, 2 or 5 meter cable.
Wideco Vattennivågivare

Water level sensor

We have many different types of floats to choose from for your project.