Make your buildings smarter

Create a connected environment

Boost the performance and comfort of your buildings thanks to IoT Solutions.

LoRaWAN® offers low-power transmissions of data over long range, with a flexible model allowing for both public and private networks. Wideco supports your IoT smart building project.


“Boost and secure the performance & comfort of your buildings”

Wideco - Humidity IoT sensor

Connect your building

Collect the usage information and measuring data collected (temperature, humidity etc) to optimize your building and lower the cost with LoRaWAN IoT sensors.

Wideco - Wision

What to measure

There is a lot of different possible applications. Check the status of equipment, keep track of temperature in each room or apartment. Spot water leakage as well as securing if someone opens a door (access control).

Improve your building management (BMS); analyze the values of fluid meters (electricity, gas, water) and control temperature, humidity, lightning etc. Monitor floors and internal pipelines and avoid severe leaks. Integrate all to your SCADA, BMS or GIS system.

Wideco - IoT platform

IoT sensors and solutions can be adapted to all your projects. Check out our different segment of IoT sensors for smart buildings available with LoRaWAN that best suited to your needs.

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