Meet the challanges of modern cities

Smarten up with full connection

Bringing smart solutions to cities, thanks to the IoT, can help you meet the challenges of the environment, energy management, security and infrastructure management. This is to improve the quality of services in the city and increase its attractiveness while reducing its management costs.

LoRaWAN® offers low-power transmissions of data over long range, with a flexible model allowing for both public and private networks. Wideco supports your IoT smart city project.


“Wireless monitoring of IoT sensors to connect and digitalize your city”

Wideco - Humidity IoT sensor

Secure the infrastructure

Collect the usage information of your infrastructure to connect and optimize your environment using LoRaWAN IoT sensors.


What to measure

There is a lot of different possible applications. Check the status of equipments, keep track of temperature, tank water levels, secure if someone opens a door or chamber lid (access control).

More; Secure the life preserver and measuring temperature at bathing areas, early flood detection are examples of connected and sustainable cities.


IoT sensors and solutions can be adapted to all your projects. Check out our different segment of IoT sensors for smart buildings available with LoRaWAN that best suited to your needs.

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