WiDetect A1

WiDetect A1e is an advanced detector designed to collect crucial data and monitor sensitive spaces with high precision. The A1e measures values such as temperature, pressure, liquid levels, flow, and humidity, making it a versatile solution for various industrial needs.

With WiDetect A1e, you can receive immediate alerts in the event of flooding, elevated temperatures, or intrusion into a space, enabling rapid response and reducing the risk of severe damage. Additionally, the A1e is capable of detecting leaks in insulated pipelines used for the distribution of district heating and cooling.

Widetect A!


WiDetect A1e offers a range of advanced features for monitoring and data collection. The device can be connected to both active and passive sensors, providing flexibility in its usage. It also has multiple inputs for connecting floats or switches, which, when activated, wake the detector from “sleep mode” when powered by battery.

WiDetect A1e can also connect to sensor wires that are typically installed in pipe insulation during the manufacturing of pipes for applications such as district heating. If the insulation becomes moist due to a leak, the A1e immediately detects this as the measured values change, ensuring early detection and minimal damage.

SMS and email alerts are sent directly to the concerned personnel in the event of an alarm.


As standard, the detectors are equipped with an internal 4G modem, enabling communication with our central hosting service and IoT platform WISION.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: >240V AC or battery pack

Number of Analog Inputs: 4 (0-10V/4-20mA)

Number of PT1000 Inputs: 4

Max Monitored Pipe Length: 2 x 2500m

Enclosure: Polycarbonate IP65

Relay Output: 1 NO/NC

Network Connection: Ethernet TCP/IP (cable)

Wireless Connection: 4G LTE built-in modem

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