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The WiDetect X6

Detect and locate – The WiDetect X6 will do the job for you.

Wideco WiDetect X6

The WiDetect X6 is specially designed to monitor and measure all types of wiring and WiDetect high-precision sensor cables with unique precision and simplicity.

The WiDetect X6 is designed to monitor lengths of up to 16 channels x 9000m (depending on sensor type) and immediately detect and locate where a leak occurred. The X6 continuously checks that sensor wires are functional and without damage.

For optimal use, WiDetect X6 connects thru wireless connection (2G/3G/4G) as standard to our hosting service WiDetect Cloud, where you easily manage and analyze your entire system thru our softwares.

Leaks or cable interruptions are sent immediately to the user in the form of SMS/ Email or to senior systems such as ex GIS, SCADA, etc.

“Detect and locate any fault with the intelligent WiDetect X6”


The benefits of using X6 are many.

  • Immediate detection and location of leakage.
  • Measuring length up to 9000 meter.
  • Flank and sinus curve measurement.
  • Connect several different sensors cables to one X6 base unit.
  • Practical accuracy (1-10m) at location (Theoretical <1 meter).
  • Standard IP66 cabinet, external “tough” as optional (plastic, working temperature up to 150 C° (302 F°)).
  • Working temperature device -20 to +70 C°, (-4 to 158 F°).
  • I/O module as option.
  • High temperature sensors up to 300-400 F°.
  • Remote firmware upgrade.
  • Ethernet or wireless (2G/3G/4G) communication as standard.
  • Compatible with WiDetect Cloud Solution.

Want to know more?

What communication protocols do you support?2020-12-10T16:23:55+01:00

2G / 3G / 4G LTE, LAN, LoRaWAN.

Do you have portable measuring systems?2020-12-10T16:23:31+01:00

Yes. Our WiDetect XPM system is designed for field measurement. The XPM system is a modern and simple system to work with in the field. Read more about XPM here.

Do you deliver alarm wire?2020-12-10T16:23:25+01:00

Wideco has developed several patented cables for alarm wire sensors. Today, we have sensor cables specially developed for pipelines for district cooling, water pipes and smart leak detection. We do not supply copper wires.

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