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The solution for a safer future

WiDetect XTool 5

With a lot of new functions and upgraded graphical user interface we released the new WiDetect® XTool 5 software. The heart of the WiDetect system. With XTool 5, you have full control over your alarm units, documentation, measurement sites and measurement data.

Built for simplicity

Every minute, XTool measures the status of your energy network, detecting and locating any faults in your district heating or cooling system. XTool is simple to install, use, and maintain.

XTool is designed to proactively monitor your district heating pipelines and chambers thereby optimizing operational reliability, ensuring the energy efficiency of the pipelines and reducing the risk for costly damages.

Wideco - XTool 5
Wideco - XTool 5

Multi threading solution

XTool has been developed to handle thousands of units simultaneously. The system is optimized with functions that guarantee high operational safety. XTool 5 enables you to handle units, schedules, documentation, measurement values, analyses, measurement sites, reports, GPS positions, maps, images, markers, and much more.

Boost the performance

XTool software is scaleable and is one of the few on the market that can easily and rapidly be modified. Connect thousands of measuring devices and get total control of your application.

XTool is designed to manage and secure your measurements. Today we offer a fantastically reliable software solution that will take care of your demands. Together with our new web platform WISION it could not be easier.

Wideco - XTool 5
Wideco - XTool 5

Proactive software

With the built-in comparison function, XTool 5 makes it quick and easy to compare incoming pulse echo meter curves with the defined comparison curve. This way, small changes in the characteristic impedance of the piping can be detected early, faults can be identified and located before it has caused catastrophic damage.

“Integrate XTool with your SCADA and GIS system for total control”

Wideco - Hostingmiljö

Hosting environment

One of the strongest arguments for XTool and WiDetect is the way it can be amended and adapted to suit the customer’s requirements. Today we have servers online in many different regions. It makes the solution secure and flexible.

Even if the majority of our users are within our hosting environment we also provide support and licenses for offline stand alone installations.

Want to know more?

How many devices can I connect to XTool?2020-12-10T16:20:10+01:00

XTool has no limit and you can connect thousands of different units to your account.

Integration to SCADA system. How does it work?2020-12-10T16:19:35+01:00

The easiest way to connect your SCADA system is to use our standard OPC service interface. With our XTool OPC service you could easy connect and choose the parameters that you would like to present at your side in the SCADA process window. You will need to update your XTool license with the XTool OPC service. If you already are using XTool in our hosting envrionment, the OPC service is already available for your.

What is the difference between XTool and WISION?2020-12-10T16:18:12+01:00

We have been developing XTool for 15 years. It is a PC application and needs to be installed on servers. If you use XTool in our hosting environment you will need to open Remote Services on your laptop to access the software.

WISION is a web based platform and you can access WISION from your smartphone, iPad or laptop. It is so much more easier. Our goal is that in the future the majority of our user will only use the WISION platform, but XTool will be in the background as a service.

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