Wideco offers a wide range of courses that provide in-depth knowledge in all areas of our IoT driven monitoring solution concept. We also tailor training to your needs.

One of our most sought-after educations in Sweden and internationally is in the wireless measuring system XPM. A system that makes it easy for you as an operator to accurately measure different types of alarm wire systems during fieldwork, follow up guarantees, secure the system against errors and above all secure your investment.

How can I check my network status during construction, warranty testing and troubleshooting in the field? How often and how much can I measure? How can I directly locate a fault in the alarm system? How do we secure the work environment? These questions and much more we go through during the training, which is structured in three levels depending on prior knowledge. For new and existing customers.

Get in touch and we will be happy to tell you more about our range of courses.

Email: sales@widecoloopia.local  Phone: +46 33 101810