Alarm theory course

Level 1-3

A comprehensive course in three levels for both new and existing customers. We go through most of basic theory what you need to know and understand in order to make the most of your monitoring system and to understand and analyze the data. You receive an orderly presentation of exactly how measuring on your pipeline system works and what the different possibilities are to secure your investment.

“A comprehensive course in three levels for both new and existing customers. “

Wideco - Humidity IoT sensor

Level 1-3

1. Basic
A half day course that will teach you why and what we look for when measuring your network. A great introduction for new employees and administrators who want a better understanding of Alarm theory.

2. Advanced
A full day course that will teach you all of the content in our Basic course and expand on everything connected to Wideco Total Concept, our hardware and software.

3. Expert
A full day course that is only available to trainees who completed our level 2 course. This course includes theory crafting alarm wire connections with examples from real situations and learning how to get the most out of our products.

All courses are available in Swedish, English, and French.

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Course content

  • Wideco Total Concept
  • Why use alarm systems?
  • Alarm wire variations
  • Good conditions and work practices
  • Understanding electrical values
  • TDR measurment advantages
  • Tools and accessories
  • Understanding TDR curves
  • Alarm wire theory crafting
  • Introduction to other software and products (XTool, Wision, WiDetect XPM
  • Wideco Total Concept
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