Fast and first-rate on-site service

Ensure a continuously smooth operation

Our skilled Measuring technicians play a major part in our development process. In addition, their competence is also available to our clients, helping you get full control of your system whenever the need arises. Avalible to be on-site around the world to assist you with locating faults, warranty measurments, installation, training staff and more. Read more about Widecos Measuring technician services down below and please contact us so that we can tell you more about this great offer.

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Surveying your district heating or cooling network

Assists with building a solid foundation of pipe network and alarm wire drawings to enshure optimal surveyance and alarm unit placement. We create reference measurments and compare these to future measurments.

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Measurements of fault locations

Locates faults using the inhouse developed XPM unit and recommend actions to prolong the lifetime of your pipe network and help secure your investment. We assist you in the field during construction, warranty checks and locating faults during ownership of your network.

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Installation of monitoring equipment

We will install our hardware or train your staff how to correctly mount the units, connect and test them using best and safe practises. With our alarm units constantly guarding important infrastructure from even the slightest change along the alarm wire.

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Using installed alarm monitoring units or regular measurments in the field we then offer easy monitoring thru our inhouse developed XTool software and web portal WISION. Reducing the time spent visiting locations, opening manhole covers and climbing down to hazardous environments.

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Technical support and training

Our technicians are available to assist over the phone, email, remote access and on-site. We offer training at our HQ in Borås, Sweden or at your location anywhere in the world. Meet us, learn alarm theory, our alarm products and portable measuring device XPM.

Measurement agreement

Ensure that your maintenance routine is conducted regularly with external resources from Wideco. We offer you better control and reduced cost with our measurement agreement. Our technicians help you with your network inventory, alarm drawings, troubleshooting, installation, documentation and warranty follow-up.