A real estate company is responsible for various units within its property portfolio and must ensure that neither the environment, the health of tenants, nor the properties themselves are at risk of harm. Extensive property portfolios demand meticulous work and control over vast areas. However, a property manager cannot be in multiple places at once. Or can they?

Wideco recently launched a unique solution distributed through Ahlsell. With WISION Experience, you can easily monitor your properties directly from your mobile device. Temperature, air quality, humidity levels, energy optimization, water consumption, possible leaks, and when it’s time to water or empty the bins are among the things that can be measured, analyzed, and reported smoothly.

The platform enables property technicians, landlords, and tenants to effortlessly access information on their mobile devices. In this way, WISION Experience helps ensure operations without the need for a property caretaker or technician to physically visit the location each time.

One of the municipal housing companies that have tested WISION Experience, is Svenbo in Svenljunga. The company is responsible for the maintenance and service of around 550 rental apartments spread across the municipality. Ahlsell, which collaborates closely with Svenbo, recommended WISION Experience – and Fredric Asp, installation- and operations manager at Svenbo, is more than satisfied with the IoT platform.

– The best thing about WISION Experience is that we can ensure the operation of our properties without having to visit them physically. Remote monitoring means great advantages for us, both in terms of costs and for the environment. We can use our working time more efficiently. Not least because Svenbo’s apartment portfolio is spread over a large geographical area, says Fredric Asp.

Satisfied tenants, efficient work, and resource savings are three advantages of WISION Experience. Wideco continuously work to develop the IoT platform and look forward to more people in the market adopting this innovation.

How it works:

IoT sensors are installed in the property, which do not require any wiring – making them easy to relocate if needed or desired. The IoT sensors communicate using 4G, NB-IoT, or via Netmore LoRaWAN, a wireless IoT network offered throughout Sweden. The mobile’s NFC system allows you to simply hold your mobile against the sensor and view all current values directly in your phone. No apps, no cables, no complications. Learn more about WISION Experience at https://wision.io/

For more information about how you can develop your business with WISION Experience, contact us.

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