With the help of Wideco’s monitoring system WiDetect A1, Vårgårda municipality ensures that they quickly receive information and can take action if anything deviates from normal in the municipality’s wastewater wells.

“It’s reassuring to know that we get the information we need if something were to go wrong,” says Dale Andersson, project manager at Vårgårda municipality.

It was during the summer that Wideco installed the WiDetect A1 system in an existing concrete well in Vårgårda, where wastewater is directed. The installation enables efficient remote monitoring by connecting to Wideco’s IoT solution WISION.

If a well of this type is unmonitored, it could potentially have significant negative consequences. If the downstream pipeline is blocked, the well quickly fills up and then overflows into the river – but if luck is not on our side, the river’s water level is also high enough to quickly flood upstream. This poses a significant risk of filling basements in affected properties with wastewater. With the help of Wideco’s system, which Vårgårda municipality now uses, these risks can be anticipated and prevented.

How does the system work?

The WiDetect A1 system enables efficient remote monitoring of water wells. The IoT platform WISION visualizes the status once a day and alerts as soon as a tipping point is activated. If worrying activity is detected in the well, the employees in the municipality responsible for taking action are immediately informed via SMS and email. The rapid flow of information gives employees good opportunities to go out to the well and pump out wastewater before harmful effects can occur.

How does the system facilitate for municipalities?

Our municipalities have the ultimate responsibility to ensure that water levels in wells and rivers are maintained at a good level. A central term in this context is proactivity. It’s important to stay ahead and correct small deviations before they grow large and cause damage to residents’ property.

“Vårgårda municipality investing in a smart monitoring solution indicates that they are prepared to take on the responsibility that lies with them, in an exemplary manner,” says Dan Wärja, Account Manager at Wideco.

Since the installation was carried out, there has actually been one occasion when the system had reason to warn in the relevant well – and the personnel involved could prepare to respond. With proactive overflow control in place, the municipality has created the best possible conditions to handle situations that arise – and any potential concerns in the future.

“If there are problems, we naturally want to minimize the damage as much as we can. It feels reassuring that Wideco has provided us with the right equipment to succeed in that,” concludes Dale Andersson.

Vårgårda WISION

Excerpt from our IoT platform WISION.

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Widetect A1 System in Vårgårda.