As a municipality, you are responsible for keeping track of water levels in wells and rivers, so you can address any problems before they occur. Wideco’s WiDetect A1 system is a smart monitoring solution that makes this responsibility easy, and contributes to a resilient society.

– Should something happen, relevant personnel are informed immediately and can act quickly. Then you can solve any problems before the damages actually occur, says Dan Wärja, Account Manager at Wideco.

Sewage flooding is as unpleasant as it sounds. And when infrastructure and private homes are affected, the consequences are unpleasant to say the least. Given climate change and the increased risk of natural disasters, reliable monitoring solutions are becoming increasingly important. Through sensors installed and connected to the WISION smart IoT platform, the WiDetect A1 system provides efficient remote monitoring of water wells and rivers. Water accumulation in wells, rising water levels in rivers and other dangerous problems can be prevented – and maintenance can be directed with precision. WISION visualises the status once a day directly via your phone and alerts you if something happens.

– If a rocker gets activated, the alarm goes off immediately, which means that the relevant personnel are informed and can act quickly. In this way, there is time to act and pump away wastewater before any property damage occurs, says Dan Wärja.

The WiDetect A1 system is designed to proactively monitor your wells and rivers around the clock, and thereby optimising operational reliability, ensuring network energy efficiency, and reducing the risk of costly flooding or damage. With more than 6,000 installed systems in Europe and 15 years of experience in the field, we at Wideco have the knowledge to give you total control and secure your investments.

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