Private Individuals as well as businesses wish to gain better control over their electricity consumption – preferably in real-time. This autumn, WiP1 will be launched to simplify this process. The launch is a collaboration between the IoT providers Wideco and DNIL.

With WiP1, the user can connect a LoRawan-based energy meter to their electricity meter in just one minute. This allows them to visualize energy consumption in real-time – both instantaneous and cumulative, voltage and current per phase, and the maximum power output for the same

By being able to monitor electricity consumption in real-time, property owners can make informed adjustments to their usage to save electricity. DNIL has developed the product, which will be marketed and distributed by Wideco. Jan-Åke Hedin is the Sales Director at DNIL and he is looking forward to the collaboration.

Energy Consumption Sensor

– Wideco is aiming to become a leader in a segment where our products fit well. We have also collaborated on other products in the past, and it has worked excellently, so we look forward to continuing the work with Wideco, says Jan-Åke Hedin.

Real estate companies are the primary target group, where both DNIL and Wideco see significant potential.

– The discussion about energy prices is highly topical. In more and more European countries, new smart electricity meters are being installed, which indicates a high demand for this type of innovation, says Karl-Johan Wirfalk, CEO of Wideco.

On September 13-14, Fastighetsmässan (the Real Estate Fair) will be held in Gothenburg. It will be an opportunity to take a closer look at WiP1, which will be implemented in Wideco’s product portfolio this autumn.

For more information about WiP1, contact us.