To detect and to secure.

Wideco offers one of the most efficient humidity monitoring and sealing concepts to firms in the district heating, district cooling, and industrial sectors. We are aiming to attract firms who want to increase their operational security by rapidly detecting and fixing leaks in piping systems. The result is a safer and more cost-effective operation.


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25 February, 2019
This week Wideco participates at CampusEnergi2019 in New Orleans, LA, where IDEA (International Districts Energy Association) members and professionals...
25 January, 2019
Many thanks for showing interest during the distribution days in Stockholm! All of you who came and listened and you who spoke both present and future...
21 December, 2018
Wideco has mainly been active in Europe and the Middle East, but has now signed a 3-year multi-million contract with Chinese distributor Xing Bang...